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Industries Served

Hydraulic shops that serve all types of industries rely again and again on High Tech Chrome Plating to help satisfy their customers' chrome plating turnaround times and quality needs. Some of the typical industries that our customers serve include:

• Mining Industry
• Construction Industry
• Automotive Manufacturing Industry
• Heavy Equipment Repair Industry
We will not only re-chrome hydraulic cylinder rods but also manufacture new rods and tubes. • Paper Mills
• Steel Mills
We repair and re-chrome rollers as well as manufacture new rollers when needed.

While we usually contract with shops, we occasionally work directly with owners who require chrome plating. In such cases, they can expect the same quality of work and on-time delivery.

Please see our client locations across the USA.

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Grinding & Machine Shop Capabilities High Tech offers some of the largest chrome plating capabilities in the industry, and our machining and grinding capabilities are second to none.

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